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What is a Pinterest Business Account? How Can You Set This Up?

If you’re new to social media, you might be asking yourself: “What is a Pinterest business account?” Here’s the short answer: it’s an account specifically for your business. A business account can help you reach a new audience and boost your online presence. Besides helping you get more traffic to your website or store, you can also use this to increase conversions.

When creating a business account, you’ll be able to track the performance of your pins through analytics. You can also claim your website’s content and add a green checkmark next to it. By doing so, you’ll be able to see what percentage of traffic your pins get from Pinterest. When you have a business account, you can even claim your website with a separate Pinterest domain name.

You can claim your site as a business by using a meta tag or HTML file. Follow the instructions provided in the Pinterest Help Center for Businesses. Once you’re approved, you can create boards that reflect your brand. Make sure to include a link back to your website. Make sure to use relevant keywords and hashtags. Also, you can create boards for your business that showcase your products and services.

Once you’ve verified your website, you can then set up your Pinterest business account. Once you’re done with this, you’ll have the ability to create boards, pins, and other content relevant to your niche. Once you’re ready to start promoting your business, you can switch your personal account to a business one. By doing so, you’ll align yourself with Pinterest’s terms of service, gain access to analytics, and use the advertising platform. Once you’ve set up your business account, you’ll notice a few small differences.

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