The Best 11 Coolest Leather Jackets in Movie History

The Coolest Leather Jackets in Movie History? Who wouldn’t want to look like one of these bad boys? Brad Pitt’s character in Mad Max has a jacket just like his in a cult classic filmed in 1979. This jacket has been remodeled a number of times and is considered one of the coolest in movie history. The worn out look of this jacket exemplifies a man’s power, confidence, and aura of “an ideal man.”

In the film Star-Killer, Al Pacino wears a leather jacket that serves the same purpose as most others. Its gridded texture fits the sci-fi canon, and the jacket looks incredibly cool. The movie Cruising has another leather jacket from Pacino, but it is less known. It features a vintage motorcycle look, which works thanks to the aggressive chest zippers.

Whether a man is wearing a jacket for style or for comfort, a leather jacket is a must-have investment. A leather jacket combines heritage, attitude, and unbridled masculinity, making it the perfect companion for cold weather. Leather jackets are comfortable, iconic, and last a lifetime. Whether you’re a boy racer, an outlaw, or a man who’s more ‘hip’ than the average Joe, a leather jacket is guaranteed to impress.

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