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Does Anyone Wear a Watch Any Longer?

The question, “Does anybody wear a watch any longer?” is one that has been circling around the men’s fashion industry for decades. In some circles, men are even mocking the notion of wearing a watch. In truth, men’s watches aren’t really functional – they’re merely accessories. And while they are still used for status-driven purposes, like keeping time on a date, some are a little too fussy, while others are just plain naff.

There are many reasons why people still wear watches. During a recent visit to Beckett Simonon, I asked staff whether they wore a watch. The vast majority of employees said yes. A watch is a handy device for keeping track of time. It’s convenient for time-sensitive activities, such as traveling to meetings. In addition, it allows us to check the time without disrupting others. In a professional environment, using a mobile phone to check the time isn’t an appropriate behavior and signals disrespect toward others.

The wristwatch was traditionally considered a woman’s accessory until World War I, when it was considered essential business gear. However, it was during the war that men started wearing wristwatches. After the war, the wristwatch transitioned into the mainstream and became common among men. Men began wearing wristwatches instead of pocketwatches, and it was a gradual transition into the civilian world. Wristwatches eventually became the norm, making pocketwatches obsolete. There are some arguments for this, including the fact that men don’t need to wear a wristwatch.

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